For most business-minded people and investors, managing multiple properties alone isn’t an option. To start, it’s time-consuming and expensive, and that’s before any common challenges arise (wait until you hear CEO of Oak Trust Properties Janet Fields and Ready Investor One’s host Paul David Thompson commiserating over bee rehoming).

So what is your option? Many investors choose to hire a property manager, but how do you select the right one for your investment needs? You are right to think that tt has to be more than just a simple Google search. After all, as Janet discusses, you’re going to need someone who is going to take over your properties, manage a variety of challenges, and work independently while doing it. Moreover, you’re going to need someone you trust, respect, and, this goes without saying, actually like.

In this episode, Janet gives both experienced investors and newcomers to the industry the answers they need to find the perfect property manager, while also offering an insider’s look into the challenges and benefits of property management based on her own extensive knowledge and years of experience. She explains, “We’ve been doing this since 2009, and we have ten people in the office in downtown Charleston, six of whom are working with clients every day. One of the women in our office has been here for seventeen years working in property management and real estate. We have a wealth of knowledge and have come across just about every challenge you can think of. We know who to call, how much it will cost, how to help, and most importantly, we get the job done quickly.” That’s the power of hiring a highly-rated professional property management company, and one of the most important benefits? Peace of mind for you as an investor.

Tune in to Ready Player One’s episode 179 “How to Select Your Property Manager with Janet Fields” as Paul and Janet discuss:

  • Janet’s extensive background in property management with Oak Trust Properties
  • The dos and don’ts she lives by as a property manager (including red flags)
  • The inside secrets to avoiding turnover she shares with property owners 
  • Setting investor/property relationships up for success
  • The ever-increasing demand for short-term housing seen in the market
  • Investment opportunities on the horizon


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